Infrared camera helps us see things that other inspectors can not.

Missing or inadequate insulation, moisture intrusion, and substandard work are costly to residential and commercial building owners. Thermal imaging can help us target the source of the problem so we can help home buyers make informed decisions on repairs.

That is why we use an infrared camera on every inspection.


We are locally owned and operated company based in Central Jersey, we have strived to be the top home inspectors in New Jersey. Our #1 goal is to protect you and your investment by providing you with the Top Home Inspection service in the industry. We serve entire Northern and Central Jersey.

We are Licenced & qualified with over 30 certifications in our hand. We look forward to serving your needs as we offer several additional services such as Radon Sampling, Mold Sampling, Infrared inspections, Termite inspections, and more. We are here to make your home inspection experience stress free with us.


Ultimately, a thorough home inspection depends heavily on the individual inspector's own effort. If you trust us to inspect your new home, we guarantee that we'll give you our very best effort, that's the resson we use all the latest tools & technologies available in the market and keep ourselves updated with training and certification to exceed every expectation.

We don't just rely on binacular to inspect roof we use DRONE to take 360 degree look of Roof, Gutter, Chimney and all other vulnerable penetration areas.

Finally, we have so many qualifications and certifications, they barely fit in one page.

  • Certified Professional Inspector
  • Certified Chimney Inspector
  • Certified Crawlspace Inspector
  • Certified Wood-Destroying Organism Inspector
  • Contractor Experience
  • Certified Exterior Inspector
  • Certified Garage Inspector
  • Certified Residential Fire Extinguisher Inspector
  • Certified Annual Home Maintenance Inspector
  • Certified Kitchen Inspector
  • Certified Deck Inspector
  • Certified Mold Inspector
  • Certified New Construction Inspector
  • Certified 11th Month Home Warranty Inspector
  • Certified Pool & Spa Inspector
  • Certified Radon Tester
  • Repair Verification
  • Certified Roof Inspector
  • Certified Indoor Air Quality Inspector
  • Safe Workplace Inspector
  • Certified Multi-Unit Housing Inspector
  • Certified Moisture Intrusion Inspector
  • Move-In Certified Inspector
  • Infrared Certified
  • First Time Homebuyer Friendly
  • Certified Home Energy Inspector
  • Aging In Place Professional
  • Certified Residential Inspector
  • Certified Commercial Inspector
  • Certified Structure and Foundation Inspector
  • Certified Drone Pilot